All students are required to register with a local GP (doctor) when they arrive in Cambridge (the University of Cambridge does not have its own medical practice).

You will find a list of local practices on the College website

Those students already registered with a doctor in the UK should bring their NHS medical card or NHS number with them (this is not your National Insurance number) to help the surgery to trace your correct medical records quickly. If you do not have a medical card and do not know your NHS number, please contact your current doctor or local Health Authority before you arrive.

All GP surgeries have an out-of-hours number that you can call in an emergency. The out-of-hours doctor may assess the situation over the phone, ask you to attend a clinic/service, or may come out to assess the service user. They will be able to arrange any necessary specialist assessments. Alternatively, if you are feeling unwell and need a telephone health assessment, please dial NHS 111 free of charge for the NHS service.

You are encouraged to consult your own doctor when the need arises and, in cases of serious illness or incapacity, GPs will visit students in their rooms. Requests for visits should be made as early in the day as possible. Requests for night calls should only be made if absolutely necessary and the Porters should be notified if a doctor is called to the College at night. Students who become seriously ill are referred to the local general hospital.

If you are confined to your room by illness of any kind you must inform the Porters – ask a friend or neighbour to take a message to them and they will ensure that the College Nurse is informed.

If for any reason you remain overnight in hospital while you are in residence at College, please ensure that your Tutor is informed as soon as possible.

College Nurse

The College has a nurse who undertakes minor treatment or medical advice, and maintains a small emergency Sick Bay. The times of regular surgeries during the Normal Period of Residence are posted in the Porters’ Lodge.

College Counsellor

Richard Geddis is the College Counsellor and has worked across the University for many years after training within the NHS. He is able to offer a secure, private relationship to explore any difficulties you may be experiencing along with identifying the best options for moving forward.

He is available in College during full term on Mondays and Thursdays with more limited availability across the week. The Counselling rooms are 10 & 11 on 1st floor of the Chapman's Gardens building, directly above Robert Sansom computer rooms.

The University also runs a Counselling Service for students.