We hope the information below will answer some of your Emmanuel-related questions!

How is the College governed?

As with many other colleges in the University of Cambridge, Emmanuel is governed by a Master & Body of Fellows, following College Statutes. The Fellowship are made up of our academic teachers & researchers, both currently working in the University, and retired.

Are there College Rules?

We trust our students to be responsible, but we have a few rules that students must observe. The College is strongly committed to the principle of freedom of speech & all forms of expression, providing a safe environment free from harassment.

How will I be taught at Emmanuel?

We provide teaching in the form of small supervisions and subject-specific Director(s) of Studies, who are responsible for academic progress & development. All students have access to private & Library study spaces.

What Welfare & Support do you offer?

We have a dedicated Welfare Team, to help our students flourish both personally & academically. The Team consists of members of our leadership, the Tutor team & student representatives, and other wellbeing staff. We offer financial support to any of our students who need it, and Tutors & Porters are always on hand to help in any situation.

What is life in College like?

We provide detailed information every year to our students, with everything from Hall & dinner times and how to book music & rehearsal rooms, to fire risks in student rooms, and how to use the (free!) Laundry. Our wonderful community of students help freshers orientate themselves at the start of the academic year, and welcome them into the Emmanuel family!

How do I find more specific information?

Take a look at the rest of this section for details about all areas of College life, and you can find documents relating to the information above: