Emma Members

All Emma members are part of a worldwide Emmanuel Society of over 10,000 people. Our community enables the most talented people to make great contributions to the world around us.

Image of Front Court

Our well-known sense of friendly community and special spirit of place continues to thrive. The Development Office & Emmanuel Society connect you with the College. They love to welcome members to dine in Hall, and we hold events in Cambridge & across the world. We are always delighted to help you to network & connect with other members who have called College home.

Members are always welcome to visit Emma. You can visit the Development Office at any time, in D3 & D4 in Front Court. Advance warning, if possible, is helpful!

The Emmanuel Society has three main aims:

  • to make opportunities for members of the College to keep in contact with each other
  • to encourage members to keep in touch with College
  • to enable Emmanuel to benefit from the experience & talents of our cherished alumni

The Emmanuel Society Committee:


Mr Andrew Fane (1968)

Honorary Vice-President

Mr David Lowen (1964)

Honorary Vice-President

Lord Wilson of Dinton (2002)

Honorary Vice President

Dame Fiona Reynolds (2012)


Mr Nick Allen (1990)


Mr Ken Sheringham (1966)


Mr Rodney Jagelman (1969)

Committee Member

Miss Jessica Reilly (2011)

Committee Member

Mr Harry Hickmore (2011)

Committee Member

Miss Shelly-Ann Meade (2002)

Committee Member

Mr Luke Montague (2008)

Committee Member

Mr Jugdip Parmar (1986)

Committee Member

Dr Gin Warren (1978)

Committee Member

Mr Richard Webber (1978)

Committee Member

Mr Kavish Shah (2014)

Committee Member

Miss Jessica Cherry (2008)


Doug Chalmers (2021)


Professor Susan Rankin (1981)

Senior Tutor

Dr Robert Henderson (1993)

Development Director

Dr Sarah Bendall (1984)

Events & Communications Manager

Miss Nina Brookes (2020)

MCR President

Lukas Pin (2022)

ECSU President

Fabian Apostoaie (2021)

MCR Education Officer

Corin Staves (2021)

ECSU Education Officer

Ashwin Gohil (2021)