Welfare & Support

Many people will find that the only welfare support they need during their time at University will be from family and friends but Cambridge is most unusual in the level of support it provides for students experiencing academic or personal difficulties. In addition to their own doctor, all students register with a local GP surgery, but for most people the College will be the focus of their additional academic and pastoral support.

Central to the support process are two key people, the Director of Studies (DoS), who oversees your academic passage through the course, and the Tutor, who offers more general support and guidance. You will meet regularly, at the beginning and the end of each term, with your DoS and Tutor. They will also have drop-in times each week if problems arise that you would like to talk to them about.

The DoS and the Tutor are part of a team headed by the Senior Tutor, which meets regularly with student representatives to discuss general welfare issues and then, separately, to deal with specific problems that individuals might be experiencing. The resources accessible within College include a Counsellor, a College Nurse, the Dean, an Advisor to Women Students and a Tutor with special responsibility for Disabilities (currently the Senior Tutor).

There are always some students who would prefer to look outside the College for support and that choice is respected and supported. There are central University facilities such as the Counselling Service, the University Disability Resource Centre, the Careers Service and the Cambridge University Student Union, which has a full-time Welfare Officer, an Academic Affairs Officer and a Women’s Officer. All of these resources are available to every student on self-referral.