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Emmanuel (usually known as 'Emma') is an inclusive, vibrant & friendly community. We aim to equip every member with the knowledge & skills they need to flourish, for life. The College provides a nurturing & supportive environment for everyone to thrive.

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Dr Patrick Barrie

From studying Natural Sciences, to researching spectroscopy, to teaching Chemical Engineering and, throughout, playing tiddlywinks.

College News

22 June 2022

Professor Edith Heard

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The College are delighted that one of our Honorary Fellows, and epigeneticist & developmental biologist, Professor Edith Heard, was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Cambridge. Professor Heard matriculated at Emmanuel in 1983, reading Natural Sciences, before obtaining her PhD at Imperial College L...


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University Term ends

25 June 2022

Normal Period of Residence ends (Easter 2022)

25 June 2022

Emma Connects: Fortnightly Puzzle

30 June 2022


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John Miles – Shared Transport

"The hallmark of a developed society is not that even the poor have cars. It is that even the affluent use public transport".


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All members of the College and their friends are very welcome at its services, and are invited to share in its activities.