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The College was relaxed, beautiful yet
not intimidating, extremely friendly and open

Emily, 2nd Year

Fees & Living Costs

The costs of studying and living at Cambridge are no greater than those at other universities in the UK. In fact, Cambridge can work out cheaper thanks to the substantial additional support available from the University and Colleges.

Undergraduate Fees are divided up as follows:

Tuition Fees

This is for the teaching and supervision you will receive from your department.

College Fees

This covers the cost to your College of providing a range of domestic and pastoral services and support. All international overseas-fee status (those from outside the EU and from the Islands – Channel Islands and Isle of Man), and those UK/EU students who are not certified as eligible in principle for tuition fee support (Student Finance), will normally have to pay college fees in addition to University tuition fees.

Living Costs

This is an estimate of your likely basic living expenses and personal costs, including your College room rent. Figures for EU and Overseas students include a one-off settling-in figure. You will also need to meet all other costs – e.g. food, books, travel, personal computer equipment and, for some courses, field trips – from your maintenance (living) sum, and the figure quoted should therefore be regarded as the absolute minimum you will require. Further breakdowns for living costs can be found on the University website .

The following table lists the estimated costs for the academic year 2017–18 (expect an increase in line with inflation in subsequent years).

UK Students EU Students Overseas Students
Tuition Fees £9,250 £9,250 International Fees
College Fees * See note below table * See note below table £8,240
Living Costs £8,960 £8,960 £10,080

* The College Fee of £8,240 is only charged to UK/EU students who are not certified as eligible in principle for tuition fee support, i.e., a loan through Student Finance.

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