The Cambridge graduation ceremony is called a 'Congregation' and takes place in the Senate House, where degrees are formally awarded.

Graduation photographs with students in gowns and white fur hoods

Once you have met all the academic & residence requirements, you will have your degree conferred (awarded) by the Congregation of the Regent House (the governing body of the University of Cambridge).

The largest 'Congregation' is called General Admission, which takes place in June. This is when undergraduate degrees (and some postgraduate degrees) are conferred: BTh, BA, VetMB and BA with MEng or MMath or MSci degrees. Each College presents their students on a specific day; Emmanuel's is usually a Friday.

You do not have to be present for the degree to be conferred; you can apply for it be awarded in absence. However, if you do choose to graduate in absence, your degree cannot then be conferred in person at a later date.

Important Senate House Information:

  • Any bags larger than 35x25cm may not be taken into the Senate House or the surrounding grounds, and you may be asked to make alternative arrangements.
  • If it is vital you keep your bag(s) with you, you must seek assistance from the Senate House staff (Proctor or Constable), who may check their contents prior to entry.