General Admission

At this current time all Congregation Ceremonies after 16 May, for the remainder of the 19/20 academic year (including General Admission), have been postponed due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We will update this website as soon as any further arrangements are known. Thank you for your patience during this difficult time.

Arrangements for General Admission 2020

Graduands from Emmanuel College will be presented in the Senate House on Friday 26 June 2020. We do not yet have a definite time, but the provisional time is 10.55 am.

Only the following Degrees are awarded at General Admission:

  • Master of Engineering (with Bachelor of Arts): M.Eng
  • Master of Natural Science (with Bachelor of Arts): M.Sci
  • Master of Mathematics (with Bachelor of Arts): M.Math
  • Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine: Vet.M.B.
  • Bachelor of Arts: BA
  • Bachelor of Theology for the Ministry: B.Th.

How to Apply

You need to apply to proceed to your degree at General Admission via the Student Self-Service on CamSIS. Tickets for your guests for the Senate House and the College buffet lunch are also applied for in this way. The absolute deadline for application is 1 May 2020. All those eligible to graduate at General Admission will be sent an email, from the Praelector's Secretary, giving more information on how and when to apply.

Timetable for General Admission

25 June (tentative)

Graduands are invited to dine with the Fellows in Hall on Thursday 25 June. Drinks will be served in the Paddock (Old Library if wet) at 7.00 pm and dinner will be at 7.30 pm. We very much hope that as many as possible will be able to attend this dinner as it is an extremely enjoyable occasion. Dress is formal but not black tie. Gowns should also be worn.

26 June (approximate timings)

  • Rehearsal in the Old Library followed by Graduation Photograph in Front Court: 9.30am
  • Assemble to leave for Senate House: 10.10am
  • Guests due at Senate House: 10.40am
  • Graduands due at Senate House: 10.45am
  • Return to College for drinks and buffet lunch: 12.00 noon

Tickets for the Senate House

We are normally able to issue each graduand with four tickets for the Senate House, for family and friends. Additional tickets may be available if required. Children may attend, though you should be aware that it is a very formal ceremony. Those with very young children are advised to sit near to the door. Please let us know if any of your guests are under the age of 14 or have restricted mobility. Please note that there is no parking near to the Senate House.

Tickets for the Buffet Lunch

Each graduand may bring up to four guests to the Buffet Lunch in College. Graduands lunch at the College's expense. Guests are charged at £20.30 per person and payment for tickets should be made by bank transfer. Senate House and Lunch tickets can be collected from the Tutorial Office in the week leading up to the ceremony.

Dress for General Admission

College Rooms

Since the programme for General Admission Day (Friday 26 June) begins at 9.30 am, it will be necessary for most people to come into residence on the preceding day, Thursday 25 June. You will be accommodated in your old room where possible. Exeat details will be circulated in the Easter Term.

Car parking

Car parking at the College is very limited, and only those vehicles being used to collect the belongings of graduands will be permitted to park on a first come first served basis (this does not therefore include guests, who should use the Lion Yard car park in Downing Street or the Queen Anne car park on Gonville Place). Any enquiries regarding car parking should be addressed to the Head Porter on 01223 334274.

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