MA Graduation

Due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Emmanuel will not present candidates at the congregation on 27 February 2021, however, we hope instead to welcome those who matriculated in 2014 to a garden party on 12 September 2021. Further details will follow in due course, but in the meantime please do save the date!

In most UK universities, the Master of Arts is a degree awarded by examination. At Cambridge, however, the MA is conferred by right on holders of the BA degree of the University and on certain other senior members and is not available as a postgraduate qualification. More information is available here.

Possession of the MA (or any other Cambridge masters degree or doctorate) confers membership of the University Senate. This gives the right to:

  • participate in Discussions (part of the University's decision-making process)
  • vote in the election of a new Chancellor or High Steward
  • borrow books from the University Library

Holders of the BA degree become eligible to proceed to the MA degree not less than six years after the end of their first term of residence, providing that they have held their BA degree for at least two years. This means that in 2021 those who matriculated in 2014 and have held their BA degree for at least two years, will be able to take their MAs.

You are warmly invited to dinner in College the evening before the ceremony. As the ceremony takes place during term time we regret that we are not usually able to offer accommodation in College for that night.

On the day of the congregation please come to the Old Library dressed in your ceremonial attire at the time specified for a brief rehearsal. We will then process to the Senate House.

Guests (a maximum of two) will need tickets to gain admission to the Senate House. Please let us know if any of your guests are under the age of 14. Your tickets will be sent by post to those based in the UK, or they will be waiting for you at the Porters' Lodge if you are based overseas.

After the ceremony postgraduates and their guests are invited to tea.


Correspondence and any queries should be directed to the Tutorial and Admissions Office (, 01223 334244).

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