College Tutors

Each student is assigned a Tutor, who looks after each student's welfare, wellbeing & overall progress, and is a Fellow of the College.

Tutors are able to be contacted during Term, and can assist with all concerns, in confidence. They can offer advice & aid across all aspects of College life, and are a friendly face to help you with any issues.

They can advise you on academic issues & any problems connected with your course and explain College processes. They can also help with mental health & wellbeing concerns affecting your welfare & work. All Tutors can discuss financial support with their tutees, whether for applications for bursaries, grants & funds, or areas of hardship. They are also trained and equipped to deal with any personal problem, such as illness and mental health concerns. Students can contact any Tutor, especially if they would feel more secure in certain circumstances.

Tutors are not specialists or supervisors in their tutees' subject. They will arrange meetings with their students at the beginning & end of each term to talk through general progress & wellbeing. The Tutor Team can easily be contacted by email, or in person during their office hours (by appointment), throughout term time. There are always two Duty Tutors who can be contacted outside normal working hours, by email or in person.

All Tutors are part of a wider Welfare Team, led by the Senior Tutor, known in College as the Master & Tutors' Committee. They meet often to discuss the wellbeing of all students. The team work closely with our student committee officers: welfare, women & nonbinary, LGBT+ and Academic Affairs. Together they provide a support network across the College.

Dr Corinna Russell

Acting Senior Tutor

Dr Bill Broadhurst

Deputy Senior Tutor

Our undergraduate tutors are:

Dr Bill Broadhurst

Prof Philip Howell

Prof Alex Jeffrey

Prof Alexandre Kabla

Dr Corinna Russell

Dr Kate Spence

Dr Nigel Spivey

Dr Ross Wilson