College Funds

The College believes that no–one should be unable to study for a degree because of their financial situation. We aim to make sure that nothing gets in the way of your studies at Cambridge.

Emmanuel provide various funding options, so that students are able to study here without concern for their financial situation. We work alongside the University to support & expand our students' experience of study and other endeavours while at the Cambridge.

Financial Assistance

Any student can apply for financial assistance via their Tutor throughout the year. Cases are reviewed by the Welfare Team at their weekly meetings. As situations can change without warning, and for various reasons, decisions can usually be made quickly.

We have access to funds which assist undergraduates across the University in financial difficulties, especially in unexpected circumstances. The College has some funds for specific purposes, which are available to all undergraduates. These support College or University activities that don't relate to academic work. There are also other funds which can be applied to for activities & sport.

Academic Funding

The College has funds are available for support students in activities related to their courses of study. These can take place both during term time & University vacations.

There are options which support students preparing for their final year dissertations. These can also help to fund study visits or necessary field trips. We also are able to provide subsidies for students who take the Cambridge University Language Programme (CULP) Courses. There are also funds & grants for specific subjects, which are allocated for fieldwork, internships & language study.

We can also provide financial support for expenses related to students' courses. This also includes funding for vacation work placements both in and outside Cambridge.