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Alina – Harvard & South Asia

Moving back into my family home in the British Asian quarter of north-west London, having left Emmanuel, I realised that I had been neglecting the aesthetic traditions of my own community.

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Samantha – A Hong Kong Veterinary Adventure!

When clinical vet students are not in lectures or on rotation around the hospital, they are completing 26 weeks of extra-mural studies (EMS). This means going out and learning from vets in practice about real-life cases.

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Lewis Todd – Language & Landscape

Emmanuel’s Gordon Glasgow studentship enabled Lewis to study for an MPhil, and he’s now won a prestigious funding award to stay on for a PhD. 

Thumbnail for Molly – Cutting-edge Medicine at GOSH & MCH

Molly – Cutting-edge Medicine at GOSH & MCH

As someone with a keen interest in paediatrics, I chose to split my time during my seven-week elective placement between Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) in London and the Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) in Melbourne.

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Jake – Studying at Harvard

Keen to explore in more depth the ways in which planning practices and policies are shaped by their political and economic contexts, I applied for the Herchel Smith scholarship, which would enable me to study for a year as a Special Student at Harvard University.

Thumbnail for Jake, Andra, Phoebe, Apurva & James – The Other Cambridge

Jake, Andra, Phoebe, Apurva & James – The Other Cambridge

Each summer for a number of years the College has been host to a few students from Harvard, who are taking the opportunity to spend several weeks working with academics in Cambridge, as part of the PRISE programme.

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Matthew – Science in the Arctic

When I was 19 years old, during a year out between school and university, I took part in a nine-week Arctic expedition to Svalbard. I am still teased relentlessly by friends for talking about nothing else, which in many ways is completely fair: it was a very formative experience for me.

Thumbnail for Pete – Representing Mumbai's slums

Pete – Representing Mumbai's slums

The accepted tourist practice of the ‘sight-seeing tour’ has been extended to Mumbai’s largest slum, Dharavi, which now plays host to ‘slum tours’ designed to give small groups of international tourists a two-hour guided walking tour of the work places, schools and streets that are home to nearly one million people.