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It was a pleasure to speak with Sophie,
who was delightful

Member Feedback

Annual College Appeal

Help us to keep Emma’s caring spirit alive, so every student who comes here can benefit from the unique and special place that is Emmanuel.

Your help can ensure that we can continue to provide support and care along with the world-class teaching, facilities, resources and opportunities our students so richly deserve.

Some of our previous successes can be seen at our Spirit of Place Campaign

Olivia [Politics and Social Anthropology, 2016]

I think the key to Emma’s success is the opportunities it affords to students of all backgrounds. I’m Vice- President of the Emmanuel College Student Union and College’s funding is essential to ensuring we can keep providing for all the students’ exciting projects and societies. In the current economic climate, I really hope we can maintain the same level of funding so this cultural vibrancy exists for generations of Emma students to come and everyone has the opportunity to participate in all areas of college life irrespective of their background.

Aron [English, 2011 (BA), 2017 (MPhil)]

This year, thanks to the generous support of Emma members, I received full funding (tuition fees and maintenance costs) to return to College and pursue an MPhil in film and screen studies. Because I wouldn’t otherwise have been able to return to university, their help has altered the course of my career. Emma has been astonishingly welcoming to me; it has been a pleasure to return and find the College spirit unaltered.

Kitty [Asian & Middle Eastern Studies, 2015]

I’m spending my year away from Emma immersing myself in the languages I study (Arabic & Hindi), which means I’ve had to miss out on the college screenings of this series of University Challenge (I’m in the team!). But when I have been in College, I’ve experienced nothing but congratulation and encouragement. I feel like this is an accurate reflection of the warm and friendly atmosphere, and the celebration of others’ successes that characterises College life in so many respects.

Please be as generous as you can in supporting all that makes Emmanuel so special. We are all proud to belong to and feel part of this community, so let’s do everything we can to maintain the spirit of this inspiring place.

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