Support with Internships

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Thumbnail for Finn – Eco Racing in Australia

Finn – Eco Racing in Australia

The Cambridge University Eco Racing internship began at the start of the summer, soon after term had ended.

Thumbnail for Eileen – British Council in Chile

Eileen – British Council in Chile

In the summer of 2019, I travelled to Santiago, Chile, to work with the British Council, the UK’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. 

Thumbnail for Abhishek – Solutions at Prudential

Abhishek – Solutions at Prudential

I’ve been part of the Insurer Solutions team at Prudential and was fortunate to be with them since it allowed me to liaise with many departments. I saw various parts of the business and how they all gel together.

Thumbnail for Rob – Music Publishing in Auckland

Rob – Music Publishing in Auckland

During the summer months of last year, I travelled to New Zealand in order to take up a work experience placement I had organised with the generous help of Auckland University’s Department of Music. I worked in the Department’s publishing branch, INTRADA, which specialises in discovering and editing sidelined music from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries before publishing it for its first performances in centuries.

Thumbnail for Charlotte – Heyday Films

Charlotte – Heyday Films

I spent a fortnight in Leeds in 2012,  working on set and in the art department for Heyday Films, who were producing a film The Thirteenth Tale for screening on BBC Two in December 2013.

Thumbnail for Rowena – Harlem's Neighbourhood Defender Service

Rowena – Harlem's Neighbourhood Defender Service

Having spent part of 2009 exploring the concepts of criminology and sentencing within our criminal justice system as part of reading law at Emmanuel, I find the prospect of witnessing the application of substantive criminal law at the Neighbourhood Defender Service (NDS) of Harlem extremely exciting!