Professor John Maclennan

Photo of Professor John Maclennan


Official Fellow; Director of Studies in Natural Sciences (Biological and Physical)
Professor of Igneous Petrology

John Maclennan has been a fellow since 2005, returning to Emmanuel after research positions in Paris and Edinburgh. John uses the chemistry of volcanic rocks to understand the physics of magma generation, transport, storage and eruption. His work is focussed on the behaviour of Icelandic volcanoes and he is striving to use the erupted products of enormous historical eruptions to improve our ability to identify the likely precursory signals for future damaging volcanic events. He has also been involved in submersible studies of undersea volcanoes in the Pacific, and investigations of modern and ancient volcanoes in a number of locations including Hawaii, the Galapagos, Reunion, Scotland, Oman, Italy, Libya and the Moon.