Professor Frank Jiggins

Photo of Professor Frank Jiggins


Official Fellow
Professor of Evolutionary Genetics

Frank Jiggins began his association with Emmanuel as an undergraduate in 1993, and stayed at the college as a graduate student and then as a research fellow. In 2003 he finally left and moved to the Institute of Evolutionary Biology at the University of Edinburgh, first as a Wellcome Trust Fellow and then as a Royal Society Research Fellow. In 2009 he returned to Cambridge to take up a university lectureship in the Department of Genetics and rejoin Emmanuel as an official fellow. His lab studies the evolution of hosts and parasites using insects as a model system. Much of this work involves identifying genes that cause variation in susceptibility to infection and understanding why is this variation maintained in populations. He works of fruit flies, mosquitoes that vector human pathogens and other insects. Details of his research can be found on his website.