Professor Mark Thomson

Photo of Professor Mark Thomson

BA (Oxon), DPhil (Oxon), PhD

Professorial Fellow
Professor of Experimental Particle Physics

Mark Thomson became a Fellow of Emmanuel College on his appointment to a University Lectureship in the Department of Physics in 2000. He was both an undergraduate and graduate student at Pembroke College Oxford. Prior to coming to Cambridge he spent the previous seven years working at CERN in Geneva working on the Large Electron Positron Collider (LEP) where he researched the properties of the W and Z bosons as a member of the OPAL experiment. When he joined the Cavendish High Energy Physics group he started up a programme of research into neutrinos by joining the MINOS collaboration in the US. In parallel with this research effort Mark Thomson is a world-leader in the design of detectors for a future Linear Collider which is likely to be the next global project in particle physics after the LHC. He is also a member of the ATLAS collaboration at the LHC and is working on the first level trigger and novel techniques for jet reconstruction. For more details of his research refer to his departmental web page. He also has a number roles within the Science and Technologies Research Council where he is currently the Chair of its main peer review body.

In addition to research he is deeply committed to the teaching of physics both within College, the department and beyond. Within college he supervises part IA and IB physics and is Director of Studies for the Physical Natural Sciences. Within the department he is an active member of the teaching staff and is currently lecturing the fourth year major option course in particle physics.

Other than physics and his family, his main interests are skiing and wine.