Important Dates

The following gives a brief overview of the University of Cambridge application process, with further details for those applying to Emmanuel College.

The interview period at Emmanuel will take place between Monday 4 - Wednesday 13 December (inclusive). Information about interviews for entry in 2024-25, will be updated in June 2023.
About the Interviews
University Interview Information

For courses with pre-registraton requirements, please check the website carefully, to ensure you register on time.

All correspondence will be emailed direclty to applicants, so it is very important that you check your inbox frequently (including your junk email inbox) during the application & interview period. If you email the Admissions Office, please state your full name, subject & UCAS personal ID number.

Please take careful note of Emmanuel's College Admissions Policy.

2023–24 The information below relates to the admissions round for entry in October 2024 and deferred entry in October 2025. This page will be updated throughout the Spring and Summer.
Please note:

STUDENTS REGISTERED AT OTHER UNIVERSITIES: Emmanuel College will only, as a matter of principle, consider applications from students enrolled on degree courses at other universities in very exceptional circumstances.

Any application to study at Cambridge would need strong support from your course director or other academic tutor at your current university. A reference/letter of recommendation from that person to the College would be required before we could consider an application, and such applications would still be subject to the same academic assessment as any other application to the University.

1 August - 15 September (dates to be confirmed)

Written Assessment: pre-registration required for the following subject(s):

Law - LNAT

Dates and Deadlines

Booking your Test: you must register and book your LNAT slot during 1 August - 15 September (dates to be confirmed for 2024 entry), in order to sit the test before, or on 15 October.

How to prepare

1 September

Organ Scholarship - Emmanuel does not currently have any vacancies for entry in 2024 or 2025.

Application and Transcript deadline for Organ Scholarship applicants. Please note: the application process for organ applicants will begin late July/early August. Once the results of the organ trials are known, applicants will need to submit a UCAS application by 16 October (see below). Organ applicants also need to submit a reference by 11 September.

PLEASE NOTE: we do not acccept organ scholarship applications for the following subjects: Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, Computer Science, Engineering, Land Economy, Medicine, Natural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine.

20 - 23 September

Organ Trials

PLEASE NOTE: Emmanuel does not currently have any vacancies for entry in 2024 or 2025.

29 September Written Assessment: pre-registration required for the following subject(s)

Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology - NSAA
Computer Science - TMUA
Economics - TMUA
Engineering - ENGAA
Medicine - BMAT
Natural Sciences - NSAA
Veterinary Medicine - NSAA

Dates and Costs: you must register by Friday 29 September.

How to Register: please ensure you give your assessment centre all the correct information well in advance of the registration deadline. They must be registered as a test centre by: 12:00noon (UK Time) on Friday 15 September.
9 - 23 October UCAS Application acknowledgement emails will be sent from Emmanuel College Admissions Office during this period.
16 October Final deadline for submitting the UCAS form for all applicants by 18:00 (UK Time).
23 October

Deadline for submission of the My Cambridge Application Form by 18:00 (UK Time).

Transcript deadline for applicants (if applicable), except Organ Scholarship applicants (see above).

The Extenuating Circumstances form needs to be submitted by this date in order for the contents to be considered pre-interview. The form will be available from September 2023.

2 November (date to be confirmed)

Deadline date for the submission of additional application documents, e.g., written work. Guidance on how to submit these documents will be sent as part of your application acknowledgement from the College.

3 November Emails to applicants confirming the range of interview dates for each subject will be sent on this date. These emails are for information only and are not official interview invitations.
16 - 26 November Emails to applicants who are not selected for interview will be sent during this period. Please note: those applying for subjects that have a Cambridge College registered assessment, or no assessment, may receive an email before 16 November.

Emails inviting applicants to interview in Cambridge will be sent during this period.
4 - 13 December

PLEASE NOTE: it may be necessary to incorporate further dates.

Admissions interview period for those invited to interview by the College (excluding organ scholarship applicants).

January 2024
(date to be confirmed)

All decisions will be available via the UCAS Hub. Please note: the outcome might not appear on the Hub until later in the day.

January 2024 (date to be confirmed) Unsuccessful emails will be sent to applicants directly from the College.
January 2024 (dates to be confirmed) Offer letters will be sent by email to applicants from (dates to be confirmed)
9 February 2024 Unsuccessful applicants, who would like to receive feedback from the College, should ask their UCAS Referee or Teacher, to complete an online form. The link will be sent to all applicants, as part of the application acknowledgement email, and requests must be received by Friday 9 February 2024.

31 March 2024

Feedback will be emailed to UCAS Referees by Monday 31 March 2024.
Admissions Complaints and Appeals