Important Dates

The following notes give a brief overview of the application process for candidates to Cambridge, with further details for those applying to Emmanuel College.

IMPORTANT: All correspondence will be emailed to applicants, so it is very important that you check your inbox (including your junk email inbox) frequently during the application and interview period. If you email us, please state your full name, subject and UCAS personal ID number.

COLLEGE POLICY: Please take careful note of Emmanuel's College Admissions Policy.

1 September Deadline for Cambridge Online Preliminary Application (COPA) from Organ Scholarship applicants.
20 September Deadline for UCAS and COPA applications from students wishing to be interviewed overseas in China, Malaysia or Singapore. You must also submit a Transcript by this date.
1 October Deadline for Medicine applicants to have been registered to take the BMAT. Candidates must be registered by their assessment centre for the BMAT.
8 - 23 October Application Acknowledgement emails will be sent from Emmanuel College Admissions Office during this period.
15 October Deadline for submitting UCAS form for applicants who would like to be interviewed in Cambridge, Canada, Hong Kong, India or USA (through the remote interview scheme).

STUDENTS REGISTERED AT ANOTHER UNIVERSITY, WHO ARE NOT IN THE FINAL YEAR OF THEIR DEGREE: It is not possible to transfer or apply mid-course from another University (either in the UK or from overseas) to Emmanuel College. Applicants must be prepared to undertake a full course of study at Emmanuel in order to proceed to a degree of the University of Cambridge. Prospective applicants would need to completely withdraw from their current course, in order to be considered, and even then there is no guarantee that you will be accepted by the College.
15 October Deadline for registration for pre-interview assessments (excluding the BMAT, which has a registration deadline of 1 October; see above). You must register (separately from your UCAS application) for pre-interview assessments.
19 October Deadline for COPA from students who would like to be interviewed in Cambridge, Canada, Hong Kong, India or the USA (through the remote interview scheme). You must also submit a Transcript by this date.
22 October Deadline for submission of the online Supplementary Application Questionnaire (SAQ). Please note: you should generally expect to receive details of your SAQ login within 48 hours of submitting your UCAS application. It is your responsibility to check your email inbox for your SAQ login details and failure to submit a completed SAQ on time will render your application invalid. Non-COPA applicants may also need to submit a Transcript by this date.
22 October If the information on the Extenuating Circumstances form is to be taken into account when the College is deciding which applicants to call for interview, it must arrive by 22 October.
26 October Deadline for submission of interview topic choice and/or subject selection for Chemical Engineering, Engineering and Natural Sciences applicants, who are applying to be interviewed in Cambridge only. This information will be available from the acknowledgement pack.
31 October Pre-interview assessments and BMAT taken.
2 November Emails to applicants (Cambridge interview only) confirming the range of interview dates at the College for each subject will be sent on this date.
8 November Deadline date for submission of the following acknowledgement pack documents: written work (only for subjects indicated), ums statement of results (for applicants taking A-level modular exams only) and winter pool contact details (if appropriate).
15 - 24 November Emails to applicants who are not selected for interview in Cambridge will be sent during this period.
15 - 24 November Emails inviting applicants to interview in Cambridge will be sent during this period.
3 - 12 December Admissions Interviews for those invited to interview at the College.
14 January 2019

All decisions (offer, pool and unsuccessful) will be emailed to applicants by 5:00pm on Monday 14 January.

By 18 January 2019 Offer letters ONLY will be posted to applicants by Friday 18 January.
January 2019 Winter Pool decisions will be emailed to applicants throughout January.
28 February 2019 Deadline date for the College to receive email requests for feedback from applicants or their Schools/Colleges.
29 March 2019 Requested feedback will be sent to Schools/Colleges by this date.

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