Entrance Requirements

We treat each applicant as an individual and make our offers based on all the information available to us. The process is competitive and we will make our selection based principally on our assessment of your academic potential.

We have your application form, with your past academic record, your school reference, personal statement, any written work you may have been asked to submit and assessment results (such as the TMUA).

Students Registered at Another University

Emmanuel College will only, as a matter of principle, consider applications from students enrolled on degree courses at other universities in very exceptional circumstances or where there is a change of subject.

Any application to study at Cambridge would need strong support from your course director or other academic tutor at your current university. A reference/letter of recommendation from that person to the College would be required before we could consider an application, and such applications would still be subject to the same academic assessment as any other application to the University.

Standard Offer Conditions:

For all examination systems, we expect offer holders to take all of the examinations they declare to us, via their UCAS application.

  • A-levels – A*A*A for Sciences (excluding Veterinary Medicine) and Economics; A*AA for Arts (excluding Economics) and Veterinary Medicine.
  • International Baccalaureate – 776 in Higher Level subjects and 42 points overall.
  • Scottish Advanced Highers – grades A1A2A2 (for A*AA at A-level subjects) and A1A1A2 (for A*A*A at A-level subjects) in Advanced Higher subjects.
  • Irish Leaving Certificate - grades H1H1H1H2H2H2 for courses with A*AA A-Level entrance requirement and grades H1H1H1H1H2H2 for courses with A*A*A A-Level entrance requirement.
  • French Baccalaureate (including the Option Internationale) – 17 overall, with 17 in specified subjects.
  • European Baccalaureate - at least 85% overall, with scores of 9 or above in subjects most closely related to the course they want to study.
  • Abitur – 1.0 - 1.2 overall, with 14 or 15 in individual subjects.
  • Advanced Placements – at least 55555 in specified subjects. We also expect you to have high passing marks on your school qualifications, e.g., the relevant US High School Diploma, a high score on the SAT Test or ACT.

Other Examination Systems: if you are studying for another qualification, please check the University's EU and International Qualifications page or contact the Admissions Officer, for further advice.