Admissions Team

Admissions Tutors: There are three Admissions Tutors (who administer the Admissions process in conjunction with the Admissions Officer, Miss Lesley Shaw). The Admissions Tutors are:

  • Dr R W Broadhurst: Medicine; Natural Sciences (Biological); Psychological and Behavioural Sciences; Veterinary Medicine
  • Dr P M R Howell: Architecture; Chemical Engineering; Computer Science; Economics; Education; Engineering; English; History of Art; Mathematics; Natural Sciences (Physical)
  • Dr C Russell: Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic; Archaeology; Asian and Middle Eastern Studies; Classics; Geography; History; History and Modern Languages; History and Politics; Human, Social, and Political Sciences; Law; Linguistics; Modern and Medieval Languages, Music; Philosophy; Theology, Religion and Philosophy of Religion.

General and specific admissions enquiries should be addressed in the first instance to Lesley Shaw. Matters of University, rather than College, admissions policy should be directed to the Cambridge Admissions Office.

Thumbnail image of Dr Broadhurst Thumbnail image of Dr Howell Thumbnail image of Dr Russell Thumbnail image of Miss Shaw

Left to right: Dr Broadhurst, Dr Howell, Dr Russell, Miss Shaw