Admissions Team

There are four Admissions Tutors, who can help you with specific subjects (below). They run the Admissions process in conjunction with the Admissions Officer.

Professor Robert Henderson: Medicine, Natural Sciences (Biological), Psychological & Behavioural Sciences, Veterinary Medicine

Professor Philip Howell (Michaelmas 2022 and Lent 2023: Professor Alex Jeffrey will be Acting Admissions Tutor): Archaeology, Architecture, Economics, Education, English, History & Politics, History of Art, Human, Social, & Political Sciences, Law, Philosophy

Professor Cathie Rae: Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Natural Sciences (Physical)

Dr Corinna Russell: Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, Classics, Geography, History, History & Modern Languages, Linguistics, Modern & Medieval Languages, Music, Theology, Religion & Philosophy of Religion


Thumbnail image of Professor Henderson Thumbnail image of Professor Howell Thumbnail image of Professor Rae Thumbnail image of Dr Russell Thumbnail image of Miss Shaw

L-R: Prof Henderson, Prof Howell, Prof Rae, Dr Russell, Miss Shaw