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There is a really friendly, relaxed atmosphere
at Emma. A home where you feel comfortable
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Charlie, 2nd Year


Architecture is a small department, and thus the number of students in any one college studying architecture is never large, but Emmanuel has always attracted an above-average share of applicants.

It is conveniently sited for the Architecture Department, and its Library contains a useful selection of reference works. As with many other subjects of comparable size, both the admission process and undergraduate teaching are organised primarily on a departmental rather than a college basis, and interested candidates are therefore particularly advised to consult the University's Admissions Prospectus and course details on the Department's website.

Admissions Information

Standard Offer: A-level - A*AA; IB - 776 at Higher Level, 41 or 42 points overall; Advanced Highers: AAA; other exam systems.
Course Requirements: No specific subjects.
Course Outline: Further details are available on the Department's website.
Applying: For information on how to apply: University application process and Emmanuel application timeline.

Candidates should normally expect two interviews. The interviews will take place during the period Monday 3 - Wednesday 12 December 2018. Specific subject dates will be emailed to applicants in November.

Applicants are required to bring to their interview with the Director of Studies, a portfolio of drawings, paintings and photographs of any three-dimensional work and so on. Since it is assumed that any architecture student will regularly exercise his or her observational drawing skills, the work included in the portfolio should be fairly recent (not, say, old GCSE [or equivalent] work). Interviewers do like to see a working sketchbook kept over a period of time together with about ten other examples of work. Where possible, the inclusion of work in pencil, ink and colour and evidence of three-dimensional work such as pottery, sculpture, jewellery, weaving and so on, is very useful. Subjects should be those about which the candidate is enthusiastic.

Candidates may also be sent a reading passage in advance of their interview with the Admissions Tutor.

Admissions Assessment: All applicants will take a written assessment (writing skills and graphic and spatial ability) at interview. An assessment specification is available online.
Course Enquiries: Emmanuel Admissions Office

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