Room Rents

Undergraduate Room rents for students beginning courses in 2021/22

Each College room is allocated a grade between 1 and 8 and a different level of rent is attached to each room grade. For students beginning courses in 2021/22 weekly room rents in that year will be:

  • For a grade 1 room £134.45
  • For a grade 2 room £145.25
  • For a grade 3 room £156.05
  • For a grade 4 room £166.85
  • For a grade 5 room £177.65
  • For a grade 6 room £188.45
  • For a grade 7 room £199.25
  • For a grade 8 room £210.05

In order to provide students with greater certainty about the costs that they will incur whilst studying, the College intends that, for the duration of the course that each student commences in 2021/22, the room rent at each grade charged to those students will only be increased in following years in line with the Retail Price Index (RPI).

Undergraduates pay rent for 10 weeks each term and there will be additional rent charges if students remain in residence outside of these periods.

Usually almost all of the rooms allocated to undergraduate freshers are at room grades between 1 and 6. The College will ensure that, in the undergraduate ballots for rooms to be occupied in the second and third years, the possibility of taking a room at a grade no higher than 5 is available to each undergraduate student.

The College does not normally levy any additional charges in respect of the accommodation that it provides and the cost of laundry, cleaning, heating and lighting, basic contents insurance and the computer network is included within the rent figures set out above*.

An undergraduate student who occupies a grade 5 room during term time in 2021/22 will pay a total charge in respect of accommodation that year of some £5,330. If he or she continues to occupy a grade 5 room in the second year, and the increase in the RPI is 2%, the total charge in respect of accommodation in that year will be some £5,430. Occupying a grade 5 room in the third year, again assuming inflation at 2%, would then imply a total accommodation charge for the year of some £5,540.

Please note that for postgraduate students commencing courses in 2021/22 the rent calculation will vary a little from that set out above. The rent charged on postgraduate rooms is also set on the basis of 8 grades but the rent varies with the distance of a postgraduate house from the main College site. The room rent for each grade of room occupied by a postgraduate student commencing his or her course in 2021/22 will, for the duration of that course, be linked to RPI in the manner outlined above.

* Most colleges charge a separate 'Catering Fixed Charge' in addition to room rent. The figures shown here for Emmanuel are inclusive of that charge.

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