Types of Legacy

There are several ways to include Emmanuel in your Will. The two main ways are to leave us a percentage of your estate, or a cash sum: we’ve included details of these and other types of legacy gift below. All legacy gifts, of whatever kind, are extremely welcome.

Main types of legacy gift

Residuary legacy (a percentage of your estate)

This involves leaving all or a percentage of the residue of your estate, after all other bequests have been paid and expenses have been met. This way the real value of your gift is protected.

Pecuniary legacy (a cash sum)

This enables you to leave a specified sum of money. The real value of the gift can be protected if you link it to the Retail Price Index.

Other types of legacy gift

Reversionary legacy

This involves leaving assets to a named beneficiary (for example your spouse) or beneficiaries for them to enjoy in their lifetime; on their death, the whole or specified proportion reverts to the College.

Conditional legacy

This involves leaving all or part of your estate to a particular person, but in the event that they die before you then the legacy would come to the College.

Specific legacy

This is the gift of a specified possession – such as property, valuables, works of art, or stocks and shares – to the College. The legacy can be kept, or sold and the proceeds used for College purposes, as you direct.

If you are considering leaving non-monetary items to Emmanuel, it would be helpful if you could contact the Development Director so we can discuss what you have in mind.