University Teaching

There are many aspects of teaching through the University, which complement the personal tuition of College supervisions.


The University mainly provides teaching through lectures, and numbers of students varies from a few, to upwards of 300. They last about an hour, and are given in person or a blend of inperson & online delivery.

They are usually given by University or College teachers, who are often pioneers in their field. These academics lecture on topics close to their own research work & interests. The lectures are often a starting point for your personal research.

Much of the content of these lectures is regarding contemporary study. They are fantastic opportunities to learn about current research. Within the subject, there can be flexibility to tailor your learning. You can take papers that fit with your interests from these lectures. Many lecturers will also teach supervisions in colleges.


Some subjects use seminar teaching for mediumsized groups of 1030 students. These are usually given in University departments and/or faculties, and tend to last between one & two hours. These are usually a complement to lectures, and are more interactive, to provide opportunity to discuss topics in more detail.


In Science & Technology courses, you will also be taught via practical & laboratory classes. These are designed to give you the opportunity to perform experiments, and to develop handson skills. Some of these classes may be assessed.

Trips, Courses & Study Visits

Various courses offer the opportunity to study abroad, take language courses or go on field trips. The College offers funding for language courses and field trips. Information about these courses can be found on the University’s website.

Work Experience

Some of the Cambridge courses offer a period of work experience. This explores your subject’s career path, and develops your practical skills. Find more information via the University course outlines.