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Selected books from Special Collections are featured in The Keeper's Rare Book blogs

Rare Books and Manuscripts

Photo of highlight 1

Historiated initial from the earliest printed book in the College Library, Cicero’s De officiis, Mainz. 1465 (Mss 5.3.11)

Believed to have been illuminated for Prince Arthur, eldest son of Henry VII. Printed on vellum.

Photo of highlight 2

Astronomica, 15th century, ex dono Thomas Leigh, 1667

‘Putheus, a group of demons surrounding a large head’

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Dictes and Sayings of the Philosophers, 15th century, ex dono Samuel Starling

The philosopher Diogenes pictured with his cask.

Archbishop William Sancroft's Library

Photo of highlight 4

The book intytulyd the art of good lywyng & good deyng, Paris, 1503 (S.9.2.51)

Photo of highlight 5

Book of Hours, printed by Wynkyn de Worde, c.1520.

Ms annotation by William Sancroft on the remains of the title-page records that the book was found under the Dean’s Stall in Old St Paul’s Cathedral in 1667 after the Fire of London. Sancroft was Dean of St Paul’s 1664-1678.

Graham Watson Collection

Photo of highlight 6

‘Sir Walter Mildmay’, R. Ackermann, A history of the University of Cambridge …, vol. 2, London, 1815 (GI.R1.4)

Photo of highlight 7

‘Interior of Chapel, Emmanuel College, Cambridge’, R. Ackermann, A history of the University of Cambridge, vol. 2, London, 1815 (GI.R1.4)

Photo of highlight 8

L. S. Costello, The falls, lakes, and mountains, of North Wales, London, 1845

Cosway binding.

Photo of highlight 9

Henry Curtis, Beauties of the rose …, vol. 2, Bristol, 1853 (GI.R1.7)

Photo of highlight 10

‘MacDonald of the Isles’, James Logan, The clans of the Scottish Highlands …, vol.1, London, 1845

Photo of highlight 11

Port Eliot, H. Repton, Observations on the theory and practice of landscape gardening …, London, 1803 (GI.R1.2)