Regulations & Rules

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The Library is for use by members of Emmanuel College ONLY, who may NOT bring visitors into the Library unless permission has been given by a member of the Library staff.

To gain access to the Library, College members must use the University card issued to them in their name, and similarly to borrow books College members must use the Library card issued to them in their name. Junior Members must produce their Library card if requested to do so by a member of the Library staff.

Food is not permitted in the library. Drink is not permitted. There are only two exceptions; water in transparent bottles with sports caps, and the water fountain in the Readers' Common Room (The Wates Room). Conical cups are supplied for use in the Wates Room only, and must not be taken out of that room. Only conical cups can be used with the water fountain. Mugs, other types of bottles, cups and containers must not be brought into the Library. Permitted bottled water should be kept in bags and not left on desks, shelves or any other library furniture. Any bottled water left in the library will be disposed of.

Smoking (including the use of e-cigarettes) is prohibited in the Library. Cigarettes (including e-cigarettes), cigars, pipes, lighters and matches may not be brought into the Library.

Bottles of ink are not permitted in the Library.

On the spot fines of £10 will be levied on anyone found contravening these regulations. Fines will be debited from a Junior Member's college account.

Noise in the Library must be kept to a minimum at all times.

Mobile phones must not be used in the Library apart from in the Readers' Common Room and must be switched off if brought into the Library.

5 books may be reserved for use in the Library for 24 hours by use of a reservation slip.

Books and periodicals used in the Library should be returned to the correct place on the shelves.

The hoarding of books on Library tables is not permitted, nor is the reservation of seats.

All belongings left for more than one day at a desk, and belongings left on the floor at any time, will be removed by Library staff.

Library Lockers are intended for use when readers are using the library to store for example a coat, bag or files. Keys are loaned for 24 hours only and cannot be renewed.

Lockers are not to be used for the hoarding of College Library books. Any books stored in lockers for more than 24 hours will be removed and returned to the shelves.

Belongings may not be left in the lockers overnight.

Books must not be marked in any way.

Reference books, journals, and books marked 'Not to be taken out' or 'Reference Only' are for use in the Library only.

All books must be scanned in and out on the self-issue/return terminal near the Library entrance before they may be removed from the Library, and when returned must be scanned in using the same terminal.

A maximum of ten books may be borrowed at one time.

Library books must be returned or renewed after 14 days (undergraduates), and after 28 days (graduates). No reminder letters are sent. Junior Members are responsible for returning their books on time and if they exceed the time limit are fined.

The fine for the late return of a book is £1 per book per week (or part of a week) for the first 28 days, rising to £5 per week thereafter. Fines will be debited from a Junior Member's account.

Short-loan books with red labels may be borrowed for 24 hours. They may be borrowed for the weekend if borrowed after 9:30 a.m. on a Friday.

The fine for the late return of a short-term loan item is £1 per day (or part of a day).

A Junior Member who either loses or does not return a book will be charged the replacement cost of the book, including any binding or administration costs.

Library books must not be sub-lent. The original borrower of a book is responsible for its return.

Vacation borrowing starts on the Monday of the final week of Full Term. Books borrowed during the vacation must be returned before Friday of the first week of the next Full Term.