The College gardens are a haven of expansive lawns, calming ponds & beautiful planting schemes.

The extensive & spacious Paddock is of remarkable historical importance. It preserves the footprint of the Dominican monastery precinct, established in the 1230s. Its large, tranquil Pond was once the Friars' fishpond. It was altered to its elegant curved outline in the mid–twentieth century. Thomas Young's wavetheory of light was apparently inspired by the crisscross patterns of ripples on the water. The Paddock's southern wall is the original boundary wall of the thirteenth-century Dominican Priory.

At the intersection with the gated Fellows' Garden, there is a riot of wisteria, magnolia and climbing roses. These surround Wendy Taylor's monumental copper sculpture Jester, donated in the early 1990s. Close to the entrance to the Paddock, through the Chapel Cloisters are two chimera trees. These — bronvaux medlar & broom laburnum — form a verdant arch over the paths into the wide gardens.

Our gardening team are known for their elegant & breathtaking planting schemes and our neatly manicured lawns & hedges. Our gardeners always prioritise biodiversity in our planting. Emmanuel is also rare amongst colleges as you are welcome to walk on most of our grass!