The Hall is an elegant, light, & airy space, with pewter blue walls, a moulded plaster ceiling, and niches, panels & pedimented doorcases highlighted in white & gold.

Located at the north side of Front Court, it occupies the exact position of the monastic church built by the Dominican friars in 1238. Its large, clear-paned bay windows look out onto both the formal college lawn, and a serene & elegant herb garden.

During term time, the space is used by our College community of students, Fellows & staff, who eat together at historic benches of eighteenth-century oak & Norway spruce. It is permanently laid in the format of a traditional medieval hall: a 'high table' on a dais, with benches at right angles to it. The walls are lined with portraits of College Masters, and the Hall is overlooked by a Minstrel's Gallery, which spans its entire width.

Dimensions (m) 8 x 18
Max Capacity Seats 135 plus 15 in the Minstrels' Gallery.
Image of possible room configuration
Features & Facilities Disabled access, WiFi