How to Find Books

All the books in the College Library are listed in the Emmanuel College Library Catalogue.

It is possible to search the catalogue using the search box at the top of the Home Page without logging on, and this is available to all. Old Members of College can use this option to search the College Library Catalogue.

Note: Emmanuel College Library books are also listed in the University Library’s catalogue. Emmanuel College Library Catalogue however has the most up to date information and also includes entries for books on order.

Current College Members who are registered to use the Library can log on to check their library accounts to find out how many books they have out on loan, when books are due for return to the library and to renew and reserve books. To log on a password is needed - a temporary one is issued at registration and should be changed as soon as possible.


The Library’s books are classified by a form of the Dewey Decimal Classification system. It is not pure Dewey and was adapted to an in-house scheme. Please ask a member of the library staff if you need help to find a book.