Application Form

Application for Accommodation in College-owned Housing

Please read the notes and refer to the map showing the location of properties before completing this form.

Notes and Conditions

  • Standard residency dates are 1st October to 30th June.
  • If you need to move-in earlier please state the reason.
  • Use your PERSONAL email address instead of your school email address.
  • All rooms are furnished and you may not bring additional furniture without permission from the Bursar.
  • All rooms are for a single occupancy with a single bed.
  • Most rooms have a shared bathroom.
  • It is not possible to view or select a room.
  • Students who expect to be accompanied by a partner will be considered, if they wish, for accommodation in a college flat, and as such the remainder of this form does not apply. We cannot guarantee that a flat will be available and regret that the College does not have any accommodation that is suitable for children.
  • Room rents for 2024/25 are as follows:
  • Grade Weekly rent
    1 £153.45
    2 £165.87
    3 £178.17
    4 £190.48
    5 £202.79
    6 £215.21
    7 £227.51
    8 £239.82
    Please note that these figures include the Contribution to Fixed Costs (CFC) at the full rate (for those living on the College site). Postgraduates in College flats or not living in College-owned accommodation do not pay CFC.
  • The rent includes cleaning, heating and lighting, basic contents insurance and access the computer network.
  • These figures are those for postgraduates resident for 10 weeks each term on the main College site. They are thus a maximum. Students living away from the main site, who pay a reduced CFC will pay slightly less, and those resident through the year are only charged for 12 weeks rent per quarter in each 13 week period, or fewer depending on the requirements of your course.
  • In order to provide students with greater certainty about the costs that they will incur whilst studying the College intends that, for the duration of the course that each student commences in 2024/25, the room rent at each grade charged to those students will only be increased in following years in line with the CPIH (Consumer Price Index including housing costs).
  • The rental agreement with the College is that you must give at least 2 weeks' notice if you wish to leave College accommodation and complete online Exeat form Graduates | Exeat System | Accommodation | Living at Emma | College Life | Emmanuel College, Cambridge
  • You will be informed of the room allocated in the freshers' information pack we send out in August.
  • By completing this form you are committing yourself to paying the first term's rent, if you are admitted by the University and if a room is allocated to you, unless you inform us before 31st August that you do not want the accommodation or unless we manage to rent the room to someone else.
  • The accommodation allocated to you will be reserved until 1st August. If you have not sent us evidence that you can meet all your admission conditions by that date the accommodation may be reallocated.
  • The freshers' pack will explain the arrangements for the first payment that you have to make before arriving. You will not be allowed access to your room until the first payment is received or until you have made an arrangement.
  • It is important that you do make this payment or contact us to make an arrangement about when it will be paid (for example when you will receive your first maintenance payment).
  • This form is used to allocate rooms to student in the first year of their course. If your course is longer than one year (e.g. PhD) you will be eligible to be included in a ballot for rooms in subsequent years that is held in February each year.