Graduate Accommodation

Emmanuel has at present about 131 graduate rooms and eight flats for couples. All new graduate students whose admission is confirmed by 1st August are usually offered accommodation for the first year of their course. The College can normally house overseas and EU graduates and clinical medicine and veterinary medicine students for the duration of their course. PhD students from the UK and Ireland may get accommodation in their second and third years if they come sufficiently high in the rooms ballot.

40 graduates are accommodated in the Barnwell Hostel which is about 5 minutes cycle ride from the main College site on the Newmarket Road near the river. There are a number of houses ranging in size from 4 to 10 rooms in the area between the College and the station and two further houses accommodating 29 students in all on Hills Road near to Addenbrookes Hospital. These rooms are particularly suitable for clinical medical students and others working on the hospital site and PGCE students, who work at the Faculty of Education. Park Lodge and Park Terrace are graduate houses on the edge of the main College site, housing a total of 19 students.

We welcome applications from those with children but regret that we cannot, at present, offer suitable accommodation.

Students who do not live in College accommodation generally rent privately. Help in finding somewhere to live can be found through the University Accommodation Service.

Map showinf Emmanuel's graduate accommodation