Accessibility Guide

Emmanuel aims to equip every member with the knowledge & skills they need to flourish for life, and we are committed to making the College as accessible as possible for our students, Fellows, staff & visitors.

The College is located on St Andrew's Street, in the centre of the city, a three-minute walk to the main shopping area, and to much of the University.

General enquiries


General Information

The College is made up of around 500 undergraduates and 200 postgraduates. There are 91 Fellows, who make up the Governing Body, headed by the Master.


Emmanuel is a smoke-free site. Smoking is not permitted in any rooms, grounds or external properties.

Medical Facilities

  • The College Nurse, Diana Lloyd, provides a twice daily surgery during Full Term: 01223 334296.
  • The Sick Bay is a ground floor room, and is accessible via the Parlour corridor on Front Court.
  • All Porters are qualified first-aiders and in mental health first-aid. They can be contacted in any emergency, 24 hours a day.
  • Many of the college staff are also first-aid trained, and a list can be found in the Porters' Lodge.

Emergency Procedures

  • The Porters' Lodge should be contacted directly in any emergency.
  • Emergency alarms are located in each building, with information clearly displayed.

Location, Services & Transport

  • The College is situated in the city centre. The main entrance is located on St Andrew's Street, and all undergraduate accommodation is on the main site.
  • Emmanuel can be accessed by road via the access only, one-way system around Park Terrace, Parker Street and Emmanuel Street. All roads around the main college site are often busy with bus, car, bicycle and pedestrian traffic. There is a large t-junction directly opposite the main entrance, and few dropped kerbs & crossing places.
  • Panther Taxis offer accessible vehicles to students on the college account: 01223 715715, or via their app.
  • It is a three-minute walk to the main shopping area, a 5 minute walk to both the Downing Site and New Museums Site. The Sidgwick Site and University Library are a 16 minute walk, and the main train station 18 minutes.
  • Parking is available in the basement car park, accessible by car lift via the Camden Court gate on Park Terrace. Access to ground level is provided by lift from both Furness Lodge basement (B1), and via the Park Terrace exit. Disabled badge holders can obtain a permit from the Porters' Lodge.


The College has 7 accessible rooms on site, with adapted en-suite bathrooms and adapted kitchens. These rooms are either ground floor with step-free access, or accessible via lift to the first & second floors. Accessible rooms are allocated to students during Term, and are available for conference guests in the vacations. None of our B&B guest rooms are accessible. We welcome assistance dogs and live-in assistants; these should be discussed with the College Registrar and Bursar (Catherine Webb) in advance.


  • Accessible & adapted kitchen facilities are available in Young's Court and New South Court. However, student kitchens are not intended for self-catering.
  • The cafeteria serves three meals a day during Term, as well as regular Formal Halls. Fiona's café serves a selection of hot drinks and cakes throughout the day. The cafeteria, Hall & café have step-free access. Any accessiblity arrangements for seating in the Hall can be made with the Front of House Manager (Alex Tomkins).
  • Most dietary requirements and allergies can be catered for in the cafeteria and at Formal Hall. Dietary information is displayed alongside each dish during service. Students with dietary requirements, including Halal & Kosher, or who are allergic to particular food ingredients, should inform the College Registrar, and discuss with the Head Chef (Nathan Aldous) as soon as possible after arriving at college.

Physical Access

Bars and Basement Event Space

  • Two large ground floor bars with step-free access to entrances and exits.
  • Basement event space accessible via lift.

College grounds

  • Level access to all entrances to the very large college site.
  • Courts and gardens are mostly level and/or ramped. Some uneven slabbed paving, and some gravel & grass.
  • Subway to North Court (under Emmanuel Street) has a lot of steps, with no handrail. Alternative entrance to North Court via Emmanuel Street gates.


  • Level access through two sets of double doors.
  • Spacious and level inside.
  • Card system for payment.
  • Accessible RADAR toilet opposite the Hall.
  • One lift from cafeteria/Hall to the Upper Hall.


  • Level access through wide doors.
  • One small set up to main nave; temporary ramp available.
  • Fixed pews with some ground-level seating.
  • One step to altar.

College Offices

  • Most offices, including Tutorial Office, are located in historic staircases with entry up two or three steps.
  • Ramps can be requested from the Porters' Lodge.
  • Otherwise, staff are very flexible for meeting arrangements.

Computer Facilities

  • All residential sites have fully equipped Wi-Fi and networking throughout.
  • Accessible computer rooms are available in Furness Lodge.
  • The IS Office is on the ground floor in Old South Court, and fully accessible.

Fiona's Café

  • Located in Old South Court, ground floor.
  • Accessible by ramp from Chapman's Garden and step-free access from Tyler's Garden.
  • Accessible toilet on ground floor, with step-free access from café.

Furness Lodge Meeting & Seminar Rooms

Four large meeting rooms, accessible by lift, with step-free access.


  • Large, accessible gardens on site.
  • Paved and gravel paths, mostly level, with large lawns.
  • Benches in each area.


  • Ramp access to ground-floor Laundry in East Court.
  • Ground-floor access to North Court Cloisters Laundry, via pedestrian gate on Emmanuel Street.


Level access to building, and large wheelchair lifts providing access to all floors.


Located on first floor in Furness Lodge, with lifts and step-free access into rooms.

Porters' Lodge & Post Room

  • Three steps up to both entrances to St Andrew's Street Porters' Lodge.
  • Doors & gates remain open unless the College is closed to visitors.
  • Bells at the front entrance for assistance, from both the street and the Porters' Cloister.
  • Post Room is in Front Court, up two steps.
  • Mail can be delivered by the Porters' Lodge, with arrangements via the Head Porter.

Residential Areas

  • Most historic, residential staircases have access via steps, and are not accessible by lift.
  • Young's Court and New South Court all have accessible rooms, with lift and/or step-free access.

Sports Facilities

  • The College Sportsground is located at Wilberforce Road; the Pavilion accessed up two steps.
  • Squash courts are ground floor and with step-free access.


  • One RADAR adapted toilet opposite the Hall.
  • Accessible toilets in the Furness Lodge basement, with lift access from the lower ground floor.
  • Large toilets—though not specifically designed for disabled users—are located in the Queen's Building basement, via lift.

Assistance Dogs

Assistance dogs, supporting a wide range of disabled people and people with long term medical conditions or impairments, from deaf people to autistic children and ex-military personnel with PTSD, are welcome throughout the College.

Visual Impairments

Computer Facilities

Range of different software available for visually impaired students, including voice recognition. The IS Manager can assist with any requirements.

Large print, Braille and audio

  • Large print letters and information are available on request to the College Registrar.
  • Lifts in the Queen's Building and Furness Lodge have audio information and touch-readable buttons.

Library & magnification equipment

  • No special facilities for text enlargement.
  • Large windows and good lighting generally.

Signs & wayfinding

Fairly good directional signposting around college.

Hearing Impairments

Induction loops

Induction loop in Queen's Building Lecture Theatre.


  • Visual and sensory alarms fitted in all accessible & adapted rooms.
  • Portable alarm available from the Porters' Lodge.


Quiet revision rooms available in Queen's Building over exam period.

Specific Learning Difficulties

Arrangements for students with Specific Learning Difficulties are on an individual basis, in conjunction with the Accessibility and Disability Resource Centre. Students should discuss their needs with the College Registrar and their Tutor on arrival at the College.