The Gomes Lecture

The Gomes Lecture, held annually and in perpetuity, was established in 1997 by Kenneth R. and Cynthia Wight Rossano, of Boston, Massachusetts, and their daughter Mary Penelope King Rossano – a graduate of Harvard and Cambridge – as a gift to the College in admiration of the late Reverend Professor Peter J. Gomes of Harvard University, Honorary Fellow of Emmanuel College. Through an occasion of intellectual significance, it strengthens the ties uniting John Harvard’s alma mater to Harvard University, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada.

Cynthia and her late father, George Earle Wight, O.B.E., K. St. J., M.D., C.M., F.A.M.A., who was honoured by Queen Elizabeth II for his service to medicine, were born in Canada; the lectureship lives on in Professor Gomes’ name, and in joyful celebration of those who have gone before.

Gomes Lecturers

1999 Professor Amartya Sen

2000 Professor John Polyani

2001 Christopher Lee

2002 Neil MacGregor

2003 Professor David Ford

2004 Sir Edward George

2005 Lord May of Oxford

2006 Sir Eric Anderson

2007 Baroness James of Holland Park

2008 The Very Reverend Colin Slee

2009 The Reverend Professor Peter Gomes

2010 Professor Alison Richard

2012 Lord Rees of Ludlow

2013 Sandy Nairne

2014 Lord Berkeley of Knighton

2015 Professor Linda Colley: A Changing Magna Carta: Present, Past, and Future see pp. 30-42

2016 Tim Knox: The Stripping of the Country House see pp. 32-45

2017 Lord Winston: The Dark Side of Genetics see pp. 36-54

2018 Adam Nicholson