Professor Sir Peter Charles Rubin

MA, MB, BChir(Oxon), DM(Oxon)

Honorary Fellow
Emeritus Professor of Therapeutics, University of Nottingham; Chairman, General Medical Council, 2009-14

Peter Rubin grew up in Cornwall and was a medical student at Emmanuel from 1968-71 before completing his studies at the Oxford Clinical School. He trained in general medicine specialising in clinical pharmacology. He was an American Heart Association Fellow at Stanford and a Wellcome Trust Senior Fellow at Glasgow University. While in Glasgow he developed an interest in the safe and effective use of drugs in human pregnancy and carried out the first placebo-controlled trial of an antihypertensive agent in pregnancy. He subsequently became Professor of Therapeutics and then Dean of the Faculty of Medicine in Nottingham. Here he led the development of the graduate-entry medical school in Derby and the Nottingham Vet School. During the latter stage of his career, he became increasingly involved with the General Medical Council, leading its Education Committee for six years and then being Chair of the GMC from 2009 – 2014. He was knighted for service to medicine in 2010.