Professor Anthony Stone

Photo of Professor Anthony Stone

MA, PhD, CChem

Life Fellow
Emeritus Professor of Theoretical Chemistry

Anthony Stone's research as a theoretical chemist has mainly been concerned with the theory of intermolecular forces, and with methods for calculating them. The forces between molecules control the way they pack together, to form crystals or fibres or liquids, or for a drug molecule to affect the behaviour of a protein, and understanding them is essential for designing new materials or new medicines.

Anthony Stone was Director of Studies in Natural Sciences from 1965 to 1998. He has also served as Tutor (1966-78), including a period as Admissions Tutor (1976-78), as Steward (1988-92), as Editor of the College Magazine (1994-97) and as Vice Master (1997-2004).

He has been married to Sybil since 1967 and they have three children and four grandchildren.

His main spare-time activity, apart from helping Sybil to keep half an acre of garden under some sort of control, is country dancing – English and American.