Launch Video

Interested in Emma enables? On 26 June we hosted two livestreams for our members across the globe, which you can see below.

By watching, you'll see videos and animations about the four main pillars of Emma enables: student support and access, Emma experience, post-docs and new buildings and facilities. Our Fellow Robert Macfarlane brings all together in a journey through deep time and into the future. You'll also have an opportunity to witness a conversation between our Master, Dame Fiona Reynolds, and the Master-elect, Doug Chalmers, in which they talk about the college and answer questions put to them by Emma members. Intermixed with it all, you'll hear about the recipients of the Emma Awards for Impact, Innovation and Inspiration, and be challenged to count the ducks. Vick Hope (2007) and Bobby Seagull (2015) guide us through the programme.

The video is based on the second livestream; the earlier one can been seen here