Elaine — 'Emma gave me the ability to have a fulfilling and challenging life'

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I went to an open day at Emmanuel and it blew my mind. There’s something very special about Emma. It’s a melting pot where everyone is treated the same, and it gave me the confidence to hold my own & not be intimidated by anyone.

Emma enables...: Elaine, Doctor in Emergency Medicine 

After graduation I initially wanted to go into journalism, but it was extremely difficult without contacts so I had to adapt, be flexible and look elsewhere.  I started working as a temporary secretary, then I went to Paris on a 6 month internship at the OECD. Back in London, I then became a political researcher and speechwriter before going into banking and private equity. I think it’s good to try different things out on the way to finding what makes you happy and I certainly did that!

In my 30s I made a complete change and went to medical school through a scheme for non-medical graduates. I now work in general practice and emergency medicine. Here I finally found my tribe, the kind of people I want to work with.

I’ve had three very different careers and I’ve loved all of them. Emma enabled me to believe that I could try things and if they didn’t work out, try something else. Ultimately, Emma gave me the ability to have a fulfilling and challenging life.

Elaine Coomber (1987, Modern Languages / History)