Simon — 'I’m a great fan of Emma'

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I have great memories of my time at Emma. It was a turbulent time; in 1968, we closed the gates in case protestors were going to storm the college. I did quite a bit of acting and was involved in putting on a panto. I played cricket, which I kept up later, and rugby.

Simon Leaths

Emma enables... Simon: Independent non-executive, Assured Guaranty, a US Insurance Company

I still run two or three times a week with an Emma friend. I do feel that I was too young then, in a way, to make the most of studying history, but I read a lot of history now.

When I left university, I had no intention of becoming a chartered accountant, but within two years, that’s exactly what I was. It was an attractive profession to go into and they welcomed people from different disciplines. But it was a bit of a shock at first – unlike studying history, there is only one correct answer and less opportunity for imagination. I suppose it took me about three years, while I qualified, to make that shift. But my arts background allowed me to see the bigger picture, analyse trends and assimilate large amounts of information quickly. Those benefits are continuing. I worked in banking from 1980 onwards, which was a really exciting time.

Emma enabled me to think clearly enough to make my way. It enabled me to enjoy my life in business as well as personally and socially. I’m a great fan of Emma.

Simon Leaths (1966, History)