13 December 2022

Image for the news item 'Head Gardener's Report - Christmas edition' on 13 Dec 2022

As I write this last blog of the year, I have just arrived at work having cleared about 4 inches of snow from my car. I have arrived at Emmanuel to a wonderful winters landscape. This is perhaps a good way of signing off in 2022.

It has been a pleasant and challenging year but the main theme throughout this year has been the weather. Extremes of heat, drought, extreme winds, large volumes of rain and now to finish it off with a heavy drop of snow. This seems to be the pattern now and something we must all come to terms with.

It was a year packed with content and news for the garden department. In 2022 the former Head Gardener Christoph Keate left his part time role as Gardens Manager to pursue other things. Next came the rounds and finals of the Young Horticulturist of the year competition in which the department had great representation. We appeared in a documentary series about the Hobson’s Conduit and also was chosen by the Royal Horticultural society (RHS) and Cambridge Gardens Trust to feature as a ‘Memorable Garden’ in the Bicycle Boys Exhibition. We leave 2022 with many fabulous memories and hope to create many more in 2023.



Merry Christmas to all from the Garden Department.


Best wishes

Brendon Sims (Head Gardener)

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