30 June 2021

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May Balls are such a bit part of College life, and the last years have meant that we have not been able to hold our regular commemorations of the end of term.

Here, we look back at the May Ball and May Races from 1921, from an album kept by Broughton (William) Twamley (1919), which was donated to the College Archives in 2018, by his daughter Delia.

A black and white photograph of formally dressed men and women, sitting in front of a wall and windows









Emma May Ball, 1921

A black and white photo of a group of boats on the river with people all over them














May Races 1921: the Emmanuel Pagans’ Club Barge, at Morley Gardens

The Pagans’ principal activity was playing cricket, but they also organised a barge every year at the May Races. Their report in the College Magazine from 1920/21 informed readers that: ‘during the May Races the Club Barge performed its usual functions as a grandstand and a café, not to speak of rescuing the shipwrecked and towing the idle’.

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