15 June 2021

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Happy Pride Month! As the ECSU LGBT+ Officer, Pride Month is one of the most exciting times of year for me, as it’s a chance for the LGBT+ community at Emma to come together and celebrate with the college. Particularly at the end of what has been a very difficult year to feel connected, it has been lovely to see each other in person again for Pride Month. It seems the light at the end of the tunnel has a rainbow filter this year!

The Pride flag projected onto the College Chapel, during the nightWe’ve been very lucky that restrictions have been eased for June and have tried to take full advantage of that with as many in-person events as possible. We held an ‘LGBTea and Cake’ on the Paddock, where students enjoy the sun with some suitably rainbow–coloured cake. At the end of the month I’m hoping to hold another social event, after everyone has finished their exams. It’s been lovely to have events with students from all year groups, where we can rekindle connections that might have been lost after spending the last year online.

Another major milestone this month has been setting up a ‘Gender Expression and LGBT+ Fund’, so transgender and non–binary students can access specialised financial support from the college.

This term has been a real reminder of the importance of community as a queer person, and the joy that can come from that—particularly at Emma, where there is such a vibrant, diverse and welcoming queer student body. This Pride has, in my mind, really been about reconnecting, and finding community where you might not have seen it before.

I hope any LGBT+ alumni have a wonderful Pride Month, and hope that all members of the Emma community have a restful June!

Dottie Birss ECSU LGBT+ Officer

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