30 April 2020

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In case you missed it, Emma member Claire Thompson (2005) is designing short mindfulness activities each week for us, to share with the college community during this difficult time.  To see last week's exercise, click here or join in with the new activity below.

A view of a large lawn with a tree without leaves & a carpet of little yellow flowers, with a large red-brick building in the background.Nature memories from Emma

Aside from all being part of the natural world (like every other human being!), what else do we all have in common across the lovely Emma community? Well, the wonderful Emma, of course! 

This week, I suggest we all spend a little bit of time reflecting on any 'nature memories' we have of times spent in the beautiful college gardens that we've all had the privilege to experience. This could be as simple as having lunch in the Paddock (above) with friends in the sunshine—or an 'aww' moment with the ducklings on your way to a lecture! 

I've recorded a guided 'visualisation' practice to support you all in bringing a special "Emma nature memory" to mind.

It may be a nice opportunity to connect over this exercise, and if you feel inspired, please share a few words about your memories in the comments on YouTube!

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