New Buildings

Our new project enables the most talented people to make great contributions to the world around us, transforming the southern end of the college, to realise the beauty and potential of the Emmanuel site as a whole.

Our architectural assets will be given new life, and have been developed alongside our architects, Stanton Williams, and our building, environment and services engineering consultants, Skelly & Couch, to meet high standards of sustainability.

We're creating many new student facilities, converting Furness Lodge to provide our student community with a new bar and meeting & social spaces, and renovating and upgrading our current student rooms in South Court.

The project will also facilitate an impact which will be felt far beyond our boundaries, through provision for our academic work and the Emma Experience.


Furness Lodge

The internal redesign will make way for the new college bar and event space. To achieve this so far, the first floor has been taken out of the back wing to make way for new timbers (which will remain visible when the build is completed). The walls are now being reinforced with a new layer of brickwork. The windows on the Camden Court side are also being bricked up, to provide some privacy and noise reduction for the adjacent buildings.

New College Court

The excavation is taking place at the moment to prepare for the car lift and basement of the new court. The top (capping) beam of concrete has been laid, to mark out where the new buildings will be. The depth of the excavation is 24 metres, and between 50 and 70 lorries of soil are being taken away every day. In order to brace the ground that surrounds the excavation, metal sheets have been installed, alongside temporary braces to reinforce these.

Old South Court Bar

This was stripped internally in December, and fully demolished between January and February. Since the demolition, the floor has been levelled so it’s directly accessible from the South Court corridors, and now has a concrete ‘block-and-beam’ floor. In April and May, the timbers and ceiling will be being installed to create the structure of the Social Hub, and this will be followed by the adaptation of the South Court corridors into study niches.

In-Depth Reports:

  • December: Furness Lodge stripping & new court site set-up
  • January: bar demolition & excavation preparations
  • February: excavation & capping beam details