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There's a real sense of community at Emma,
it's great to live and work with such a diverse
group of people

Emma, 2nd Year

2010 - 2019


  • Fleurke, Nikky Gisela
  • Mahayni, Suha
  • Nguyen, Hoang Truc Phuong


  • Bekink, Rudolf
  • Iyengar, Ilya
  • Lacey, George Henry
  • Simons, Gemma Natasha
  • Wilson, Thomas
  • Wyllie, Jehanne Daunette Salema


  • Armitage, Tiffany
  • Carmel, Inbar
  • Cooper, Jack James
  • Gachowicz, Nicholas James
  • Iannetta, Raffaele
  • Li, Jia Heng
  • Nguyen-Quang, Trung
  • Smith, Richard Daniel
  • Thuru, Sofia


  • Armeni, Iro
  • Guy, Anna Sophie
  • Norton, Victoria Hannah


  • Soni, Priyanka
  • Thwaites, Christabelle Elizabeth Grace
  • Williams, Phoebe Louise


  • Schlosser, Anja
  • Schotte, Carsten

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