This is a new course for 2024 entry and information is subject to change.

Students should refer to the Undergraduate Study website for the most up-to-date information both before making an application and again before they accept an offer, should their application be successful. Information is also available on the Faculty's website.

Admissions Information

Standard Offer: A-level - A*AA with A* in A-level Mathematics; IB - 776 at Higher Level, 42 points overall, with 7 in HL Mathematics; Advanced Highers: A1A2A, with A1 in AH Mathematics; other exam systems.
Course Requirements: A-Level (or equivalent) Mathematics.
Course Outline: An outline is available on the University's course pages and on the Faculty's website.
Applying: For information on how to apply: University application process and Emmanuel application timeline.
Submitted Work:

Applicants will be asked to submit a PDF (6 A4 pages and less than 15MB in size) of their own work prior to interview. The selection of images should, in part, reflect material you might bring to interview (in a normal year) as part of your portfolio. For the portfolio, make sure you have variety, show spatial awareness, i.e., 3D perspectives, and be prepared to talk about your inspirations and ideas. The Admissions Office will send further details when they acknowledge your application.

A good portfolio will demonstrate the ability to work in a range of media and contain subject matter drawn from life. Students will be expected to demonstrate an understanding of composition and /or design along with the ability to work in three dimensions. There is no expectation that students will have carried out any architectural design, but some evidence of working in three dimensions is advantageous. Please be aware that it is usually not possible to view videos of additional work during the interview, however, still images can be included in portfolios.

Admissions Assessment: All applicants, who are shortlisted for interview, will take a written assessment (writing skills and graphic and spatial ability). An assessment specification is available online. The College's Admissions Officer will register applicants for the assessment. Date of assessment: Friday 24 November 2023.
Interviews: Candidates should normally expect two interviews. The interviews will take place during the period Monday 4 - Wednesday 13 December 2023. Specific subject dates will be emailed to applicants in November.

Applicants may be given a reading passage 20-30 minutes prior to one of the interviews. A discussion of the reading will form part of the interview.
Course Enquiries: Emmanuel Admissions Office