Asian & Middle Eastern Studies

Asian and Middle Eastern Studies is an exciting course that covers the languages and cultures of the Middle East and East Asia.

If you’re in Year 11 or 12, you may be interested in our AMES Taster Workshops.

The Department of Middle Eastern Studies offers Arabic, Persian, and Hebrew as core languages, while the Department of East Asian Studies focusses on Japanese and Chinese. At the end of their studies with us, our students attain a quasi-native level of competence in the chosen language(s) and a thorough grounding in the culture of those area(s). The study of the language is done in tandem with that of a variety of disciplines including history, literature, classical languages, politics, film studies, and others. For a detailed description of the course please visit the Faculty webpage.

Since most subjects do not feature on school curricula, no previous knowledge is required or expected, but keenness and commitment are absolutely essential for this course. We recommend prospective students do some reading in their proposed area before coming for interview.

The Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies is a very inclusive faculty that welcomes students from all backgrounds. The small-size classes for both lectures and seminars create an ideal learning environment. The supervisions, centrally organised by the Faculty, make sure that you receive a bespoke education. Your instructors are very keen to take good care of your academic development as well as your wellbeing. The Director of Studies in Emmanuel,
Dr Laura Moretti, specializes in Japanese studies and has received a number of teaching awards. Your enquiries are welcome at any point. Emmanuel College admits a steady stream of students for this course and provides a warm community of like-minded colleagues.

Admissions Information

Standard Offer: A-level - A*AA; IB - 776 at Higher Level, 41 or 42 points overall; Advanced Highers: A1A2A2; other exam systems.
Course Requirements: No specific subjects, unless combining with a modern European language, in which case an A-level (or equivalent) in the European language is required.
Course Outline: Further details are available on the Faculty's website.
Applying: For information on how to apply: University application process and Emmanuel application timeline.

Candidates should normally expect two interviews. The interviews will take place during the period Monday 7 - Wednesday 16 December 2020. Specific subject dates will be emailed to applicants in November.

Please note: the Director of Studies interview will take place at the Faculty. At interview, applicants will be given an unseen reading passage to study 30 minutes before the Director of Studies interview.

Admissions Assessment: This College does not require applicants to take an assessment for this subject.
Course Enquiries: Emmanuel Admissions Office