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For me, the best thing about Emma is the
inter-year socialising - it makes it a lovely
community to be a part of

Jake, 3rd Year

Computer Science

Cambridge's computer science course is challenging, exciting, inspiring, and highly marketable. The course attracts the best students from the UK and beyond. It provides a broad and deep education into all aspects of computer science. It is taught by some of the world's experts in the field.

The course moves quickly from the fundamentals of the subject in first year, through the core material in second year, to advanced topics in the third year, some of which are only covered in Masters degrees elsewhere. We expect a lot from our students but we know that they are capable. Our graduates are highly sought after by industry.

Emmanuel has excellent provision for computer scientists. All rooms are wired for network connections and there is an excellent suite of general purpose computers. The College is conveniently located for all of the first year lectures. For more detailed information on the course, visit the Computer Laboratory website.

Admissions Information

Single-subject Mathematics at A2 is essential. Further Mathematics is useful and we expect applicants to have taken it to at least AS-level, if their school offers it. While it is not necessary to have taken any computing A-level, either the AQA or the OCR Computing A-level will be useful. A-level ICT, on the other hand, emphasises vocational aspects of the subject and is of little benefit.

Computer Science may be approached from many backgrounds. We welcome applications from people who have taken what might be considered an unusual third or fourth A-level, such as music, politics or psychology.

Candidates will have two interviews. They will be asked to take the Thinking Skills Assessment Test at interview. This is designed to assess critical thinking and problem-solving skills, which are highly relevant to successful study at degree level. It is not subject-specific, so can be used with applicants for a number of courses. More information and examples of TSA questions can be found on the TSA website.

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