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You can feel accepted and 'at home' whatever
your background or beliefs

Oliver, 1st Year

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For me, the best thing about Emma is the
inter-year socialising - it makes it a lovely
community to be a part of

Jake, 3rd Year

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The College was relaxed, beautiful yet
not intimidating, extremely friendly and open

Emily, 2nd Year

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There is a really friendly, relaxed atmosphere
at Emma. A home where you feel comfortable
and supported

Charlie, 2nd Year

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More than meets the eye

Emmanuel Today

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Visit the College and you'll find a warm, welcoming community of over 750 people working together to make a vibrant and enjoyable place to study, develop and achieve.

Emma People

Thumbnail for From Flutes to Skis to Desert to Emmanuel College Porters’ Lodge

From Flutes to Skis to Desert to Emmanuel College Porters’ Lodge

Monty’s army career started when he was 16 and he joined the Junior Leader’s Regiment Royal Armoured Corps in a “not very picturesque” corner of Dorset. So challenging was the course that, of the 48 who started, only eight passed out two years later. He went on to join the 4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards and was stationed in Germany for 17 years, first in Detmold and then in Paderborn. 


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All members of the College and their friends are very welcome at its services, and are invited to share in its activities.

College News

25 May 2016

Emmanuel's Barnaby Walker creates Cambridge's First Pedal Powered Punt

Emmanuel Engineering Student Barnaby Walker has created Cambridge's First Pedal Powered Punt!

Job Vacancies

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End of Easter Term

10 June 2016

Lunch in Hong Kong

4 September 2016

Watch & listen

Natural Sciences (Biological and Physical) | Student Spotlight

Emma, in her second year studying Biological Natural Sciences, talks about the course.

Funding & Finance

Emmanuel College believes no student should be deterred from studying at the University of Cambridge by financial considerations.

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