Emma: A Lifelong Journey

For many, education – particularly an Emma education – is the start of a life-long journey. Thousands of unique and exciting life journeys have begun right here.

Below are examples of people at the beginning of their Emma journeys, telling us how Emma has helped them. But we can only provide this excellent Emma education and experience thanks to support from members.

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ANJALI GUPTA, undergraduate

When I joined Emma, I was too scared to sign up for anything. Spending all day in my bedroom, trying to keep up with the academic work was enough of a challenge. But three years down the line, my fresher self would never believe the things I have had to push myself to do.

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BELLA PADT, undergraduate

My decision to apply for Emma was after joining a humanities course for Lower 6th students which included an Emmanuel tour. I remember it with great fondness, knowing that I made absolutely the right choice! 

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DANNY COLEMAN, postgraduate

Hi, I’m Danny, and I’m coming to the end of my first year at Emmanuel as a graduate student. I am studying for a PhD in History, with a specific focus on neoliberalism and welfare reform in the United States since the 1960s.

Thumbnail for EMMA YATES SUKDAO, Fellow


My scientific journey started young – having seen my family struggle with conditions for which there hadn’t been significant pharmaceutical innovation in decades, my goal became to develop medications which were more effective and with fewer side effects.