Emma Gives

We’re holding our second Giving Day on 16 – 17 March 2021 and we’d love you to join in and help make it a success!

How can I get involved and support Emma gives?

There are lots of ways to get involved in Emma gives this year, and any support you can give will help make our Giving Day a success. Help by spreading the word on social media, taking part in our social media challenge (see below) and, for members and friends with the means to support us with a donation, by making a gift. All gifts, large and small, quickly add up and make a huge difference.

In light of all that’s happened in the past year, on our second Giving Day we’ll be raising funds for student hardship and our access and outreach work. These two funds, and all that they achieve, are central to our beliefs that every student with the ability to study at Emma deserves an equal chance to do so, and that once here, all students deserve the very best care and the chance to take up the opportunities on offer to them. Neither fund would exist without support from our members.

Want to get our Giving Day off to a flying start with an early donation?

Emma gives social media challenge: What a Difference a Day Makes

On our first Giving Day in March 2020, you showed just how much of a difference a single day can make. The funds more than 500 of you helped raise – an incredible £146,000 – have since enabled us to give life-changing financial support to Emma students.

In celebration of how much can be achieved in just 24 hours, we want to hear from as many members of the Emma community as possible about a day, a moment or an event that changed your life and/or has had a lasting impact on you.

It could be related to your time at Emma: maybe it was the day you first visited Emmanuel, the moment you received your acceptance letter, or the day you graduated. But it might be related to another aspect of your life entirely: your travel experiences, career, or family life.

Whichever moment you choose to share, we want to hear all about it! And once you’ve shared your story, why not nominate another Emma friend to share theirs?

There’s a small prize to be won for our favourite story: we’ll announce the winner after our Giving Day has finished on 17 March.

How to share your story

On own social media account:

  • Share on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter however suits you best: in writing, with writing and a photo, or a short video clip.
  • Tag Emmanuel in your post, and use the hashtag #emmagives so we can see and share it!

By emailing us:

If you’re not on social media, or would prefer not to share on your own account, you can email your story (in your preferred format) to Holly at hf349@emma.cam.ac.uk. We will then post it to the college’s social media.

Every post shared helps spread the word about Emma gives, meaning you’ll be contributing to the success of the day and helping us support even more students in the next year and beyond.

Come along to our Virtual Quiz: 16 March, 8pm (GMT)

Join us for Emmanuel’s first official Virtual Quiz, as part of Emma gives! Members, students, Fellows and staff are all invited to join us for this special Giving Day event. It’s set to be an evening of fun and some much-needed light-relief, to be enjoyed from the comfort of your home.

Find out more about the event and sign up now!

What is a Giving Day?

A Giving Day is a single 24 hour period in which we ask the entire Emma community to come together to support our students. It’s a special day like no other at Emma because, with thousands in matching and challenge funds to unlock, donations go much further than usual. But it’s not just about giving: Emma gives is also a day to celebrate all things Emmanuel, to reflect on your time at college and how it’s impacted your life, and to catch up with Emma friends and reminisce. It’s also a day to celebrate all that our community has achieved together in this extremely challenging year.